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Top Slots Tips

While online slots are largely luck-based, there are a few things you can do in order to maximise your winning chances as well as your bankroll.

Choose Your Paylines Wisely

Based on the number of paylines in an online slot, it's possible to calculate your winning chances. Slots with 1-3 paylines - ‘classic slots’ - pay out fairly regularly. On the other hand, slots with hundreds of paylines could too. For smaller, steadier wins, go with classic slots. For higher wins, but which happen more randomly, slots with a higher number of paylines are better.

Try both progressive and local jackpot slots
Progressive Jackpots vs Local Jackpots

It’s good to consider the types of jackpots on offer when playing a slot. On the one hand, you could be in with the chance of winning a slice of a huge, rolling progressive jackpot - but be warned, this is statistically unlikely to happen to you. On the other hand, for more certainty of winning the jackpot bucks, choose a game which has its own built-in jackpot - and then play for it.

Try a Free Game

While it's true that you can’t keep your winnings, playing a free game before committing any of your bankroll is a great way to see if the game is one you’re interested in playing for real. That means testing out the bonus features and seeing how often you might win. If you see it's not for you, there’s no harm done - simply choose another game, and rinse and repeat until you find one you like.

Use slots bonuses to your advantage
Use Bonuses to Your Advantage

We all love getting something for nothing, and with top casino bonuses - match deposits, no-deposit bonuses and even free spins - you get to boost your winning chances with any online slot game. Use free spins as a part of your usual game and see if you can stake the extra cash you receive from your bonus on your favourite games too.

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Use payout information to choose a slots machine
Pick Your Machine Based On Payouts

Ever wondered why some slots seem to win all the time, and others hardly ever? It's something to do with their RTP - that is, Return To Player. Slots with a high RTP percentage are more likely to pay out… and they’re pretty volatile. Those with low RTPs aren't quite so volatile, and you might find yourself playing them for a long time before you see any returns.

Play Around

Ultimately, it's not about how many times you play, but more about the game itself. Choosing the right type of slot game, bonus and type of jackpot for you have much more to do with any slot playing success than the number of times you play.

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